“Secrets Revealed On How To Generate Profit Online By The Best In The Business”

No Experience? No Problem! Why?
Because You’ll Be Learning
How To Start From Scratch!

Dear Friend,

We all know those people.

You know who I’m talking about. The people that have all the time in the world, that travel, drive nice cars, have a big house and always seem to be going to or coming back from an exotic vacation. All without ever seeing them do any actual work!

Annoying, right?

I mean, here you are busting your ass, more than 40 hours a week, and…

You're Still Worrying About Paying the Bills

and even if you aren’t, it’s still not enough to afford the lifestyle we’re all dreaming of, or at least to get away from the problems every once in a while.

It makes you angry.

It starts you thinking.

Is There a Way to Live the Life You’ve Always Wanted to Live?

Is there a way to get yourself out of that vicious circle of going to work, making some money just to give it to someone else, and doing it over and over again?

Trust me, you’re not the only one asking these questions.

We’ve asked ourselves that same thing again and again. How do we break the pattern? What’s holding us back?

There has to be another way...

“Stop Daydreaming And
Start Doing
Something About It”

Hi, we are Mike & Tania Passaglia, and here’s a story about us that might sound a lot LIKE yours, or maybe not.

Mike and I decided that his working 70+ hours a week won’t be able to go on for much longer. The company would only give 3% raises and that is just not acceptable when Mike was saving his district so much money and getting zero acknowledgement for it.

He had even made their district office the most profitable of all - out of 12 regional offices, but still got nothing in return. It just kept happening.

So, he finally had enough. In the end that was what broke the camel's back.

Our non-corporate journey began there. We desired to do something else so that we could spend more time together, travel when we want, and to help our family most of all.

Mike was researching online businesses and landed on online marketing. It seemed so promising. We kept reading these success stories and couldn’t believe that we had never heard of it before.

We were determined to change our lives and this looked like the ticket for the train out of Miseryville.

We hoped on board determined to go wherever it takes us, but…

“We Weren’t Prepared For What Awaited Us Along The Way”

Grasping it all on our own wasn’t as easy as we first thought it would be. We started buying everything even remotely connected to online marketing trying to learn as much as we could, as fast as we could.

After several months we found ourselves thousands of dollars short and had nothing to show for it.

We didn’t even realize that were giving our money away to scammers who only pretended to be well-intentioned.

We needed to get in this business because we’d gambled everything we had on it, but we ended up getting ripped off!

It was almost too late when we realized that if we didn’t take matters into our own hands and think of a solution quickly, we might even end up on the street.

Just Because You Haven’t Made It The First Time, Doesn’t Mean You Should Give Up!

It just went from bad to worse for us. We later realized that we had been dealing with frauds, half of the time.

There were some well-intentioned marketers whose courses offered good advice, but altogether, their systems didn’t really work for us, as they were too low-paying, time-consuming or their approach was too aggressive and dishonest for us.

But we invested everything we had at that point and there was no going back.

Because in order for something to happen, you have to make a move, right? We couldn’t just sit back and wait for things to work out.

There’s No Such Thing As Something For Nothing, But There Is Such A Thing As Getting More For Less

We decided to let people learn from our mistakes, instead of their own. We wanted to make sure that no one would have to go through the same thing as us and we decided to make a system of our own…

One that would contain all that we had learned and more.

We would further educate ourselves by going to conventions and seminars and by collaborating with other people that went through the same as us, as well as working with actual experts.

We ended up spending thousands of dollars and the better part of two years gathering everything there is to learn about this business, and we can literally say that we mastered it.

We’re not bragging here, we’re just being honest – we’ve had our fair share of chasing after one bad scheme after another, but after so long, we managed to completely grasp everything about making money online.

We Want You To Learn From Our Mistakes

With all the information at our fingertips, we set about creating a system. We included everything we thought was important, and took an entirely different approach to what is out there.

We did something completely new and in the end, it turned out the system worked perfectly.

In literally a matter of days – we could see the money growing steadily. So steadily in fact, that we were calculating how long it would be before we would see our investment return.

We ended up seeing returns and even profits that we couldn’t have even imagined just a few months in.

We realized that we had a perfect formula for making money that involved minimal work, and we decided to enable others to change their lives, just like we did.

So, we made a course, which we called...



“Discover How To Rake In Huge Profits With No Experience”

This is a step-by-step course, designed in such a way that is extremely easy to follow and understand, even if you never had any online business training or experience in the past.

It consists of all of our findings and research, all our experience and expertise, so trust us when we say that we have a complete product.

It might sound complicated, but don’t worry, you’ll see that it’s really simple, easy and comprehensive to understand! Just make sure you follow all of the tips, tricks and techniques and we guarantee you’ll be an online superstar! So buckle up!

So here’s what you can expect.

  • How to select guaranteed-to-sell products that will bring you huge commissions
  • Exactly how to set up your autoresponder emails, putting your business on autopilot so you can spend more time doing what you want
  • Exactly how to build powerful squeeze pages that will convert your visitors into loads of sales

And much, much more!

Once you start getting deeper into the system, you’ll realize that none of this is rocket science, but rather a great bundle of useful and accessible information that can help you in achieve online success.

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“This Is A Bulletproof Way For Anyone To Generate Profits”

Not only are the techniques and methods described in this system a definitive and comprehensive explanation of what you will need to do to start getting the results that you want, but we will provide the steps and advice that you need to exceed even your wildest dreams.

This is the only proven and tested system for generating profits out there and the best and easiest way for you to increase your income without working your ass off…

And because we value simplicity and conciseness, we made it to be easily comprehensible and to the point.

“Being A Businessman Myself, I Honestly Thought About Jacking Up The Price Of My Course, To About $284”

I didn’t set out to make money with my course.

It wasn’t exactly part of my plan.

But I would be lying if I didn’t admit that jacking up the price crossed my mind more than once.

Hey, if you knew you had something worth a million in your possession, wouldn’t you want to sell it at the highest possible price?

Come on, be realistic. Who wouldn’t?

Then again, that would just be in contrast with everything I stand for.

No, that’s really not my goal.

Beside wanting to share my solutions and experiences, I really want to make it accessible to the every day man. How can I expect to do so if I jack the price up to almost $300?

This is why I decided for my prices to be rather symbolic.

This is why I am never going to charge you $300… not even $200… no, I’m actually going to be selling it for a measly $37!

Yup, that’s right… $37!

If your asking ‘Why so low?’ let me tell you something.

I feel like this ‘measly’ price stands for the universal opportunity for everyone to be able to reach their goals, dreams and achieve success.

Which is my goal.

To be able to provide my help to any reaching hand out there.

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Trust me, I won't take it personally, not all of us are the same!

So, whatever reason you may have, I believe it's legit. Hey, I once bought an ebook and the design was so disgusting and distasteful to me that I took it back, so trust me, I know all about the 'no questions asked money back guarantee.'

You see, what I am doing here is taking all the risk on my back, so you have nothing to worry about. I'm not here to scam you, I'm not here to take your money and make a run for it. Trust me when I say, that I care.

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We have already made ourselves and many others happy and wealthy, and we are on the lookout for anyone who wants to change their lives for the better. If this sounds like you, don’t let another day go by without contacting us and making a step towards a better life for you and for your family.

P.S. We really hope you won’t let this pass you by, because there is more to life than just work. Trust us, we know. This is one of those once in a lifetime opportunities, so make sure you make a choice you won’t live to regret.